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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Brian Batherson has been in active, continuous practice since 1985.  After graduating from chiropractic college in 1984, he immediately went to work in the field of orthopedics.  He is board certified in orthopedics with special attention to sports injuries and repetitive strain disorders.  He is a medical staff consultant for the United States Track and Field Federation.  He has worked with performers in the entertainment industry, as well as elite sports figures.  He is sought by many collegiate and high school athletes, recreational athletes, and “weekend warriors.”

Dr. Batherson's practice model is to involve the patient individually in their own care.  This may include bringing awareness to posture, dietary  habits, ergonomics, stress management, footwear, or any other factors that may be at work in prolonging or aggravating the patient's condition.   In addition to injury rehabilitation, Dr. Batherson may suggest a program of pre-habilitation, or pointing out and addressing weaknesses or imbalances before they result in injury.

Additionally, Dr. Batherson is frequently called upon by obstetricians to assist expectant mothers who may be suffering from back pain.

From youngsters with backpack strain to octogenarians who want to waltz, Dr. Batherson has helped thousands of patients get their game on.

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